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Upcoming Events


Monday, February 20, 2023

10 am to 2 pm

Fanshawe Conservation Area

1424 Clarke Road, London

Join us on Family Day!

10:15 am

Birding Hike

Drumming Circle

10:30 am

Hike with Thames Valley Trail Association

Birds of Prey Show

10:45 am

Sciensational Sssnakes Show

11:30 am

Birds of Prey Show

Drumming Circle

12:00 noon

Hike with Thames Valley Trail Association

Sciensational Sssnakes Show

12:30 pm

Birding Hike

Birds of Prey Show

12:45 pm

Drumming Circle

1:15 pm

Sciensational Sssnakesl Show

Drop In Activities

  • Reptiles on Display (Sciensational Sssnakes)

  • Raptors on Display (Canadian Raptor Conservancy)

  • Community Art (with Christine Gagné & Amsa Yaro)

  • Excavation Dig (Museum of Archaeology)

  • Frontline Workers Recognition

  • Seed Balls (Thames Talbot Land Trust)

  • Historical Artifacts (Fanshawe Pioneer Village)

  • Where’s the Flood? (UTRCA)

  • Community Science (UTRCA)

  • Nature School Activities(UTRCA)

  • Bird Feeder Building (Bird Friendly London/ Nature London)

  • Pop-Up Library & Button Making (London Public Library)

  • Multi-seat family bike demos (London Bicycle Café)

  • Clean Up Games (Antler River Rally)

  • Tree Games (Carolinian Canada)

  • Butterfly Craft (London Children’s Museum)

  • Scavenger Hunt (Let’s Talk Science - Fanshawe College)

  • Campfires (Thames Valley District School Board – H3ELP)


  • Free Apples (Thank you, Crunican Orchards!) 

  • Food Truck – The Brisket Man

Partners joining us include: 

  • A Universal Carriage

  • Antler River Rally

  • Artist Amsa Yaro

  • Artist Christine Gagné

  • Bird Friendly London

  • Canadian Raptor Conservancy

  • Carolinian Canada

  • Cross Cultural Learner Centre

  • Drummer Sheila Horrell

  • Fanshawe Pioneer Village

  • Let's Talk Science - Fanshawe College

  • London Bicycle Café

  • London Children's Museum

  • London Heritage Council

  • London Public Library

  • Museum of Ontario Archaeology

  • Sciensational Sssnakes

  • Thames Talbot Land Trust

  • Thames Valley Trail Association

  • The Brisket Man

  • TVDSB H3ELP Program


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